About me

I'm an independent composer, producer and entrepreneur from Finland. I compose and produce mostly epic soundtrack music mixed with ethnic, folk, medieval, electronic and metal elements in my home studio. My songs are usually very melodic, strongly harmonic, rhythmic and simple yet very diverse. I aim to compose strong motifs, memorable melodies, epic structures and to offer my listeners and clients unique experiences. My music is a perfect match with various types of video games, trailers, performances, commercials and movies...and just for casual listening.


  • New original music for Ziggurat 2
    Ziggurat 2, a game by Milkstone Studios, has been released on Steam in early access. Go get it and remember to grab the soundtrack as well for a discounted price. You’ll support me that way :) There are some heavily remixed and reworked older tracks and an original main theme, and there will be even more tracks to come as the game progresses. You can also listen to the songs (although low in quality) at Soundcloud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_iUAA8N6kU.. [Read more]
  • ‘Northern Steel Remastered’ released, CD’s available
    ‘Northern Steel Remastered’ is a remastered CD edition of the 2017 album. The sound is crisper and punchier and some parts have been reworked while staying true to the original style. You can order 2-CD digipaks on Bandcamp. Digital versions are also available on Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and pretty much everywhere else, just type in Northern Steel Remastered and you’ll probably find it. There’s also new Northern Steel themed merchandise available on .. [Read more]
  • New merchandise shop opened
    Shirts, hoodies, jackets, mugs, accessories and other fan stuff now available at my Spreadshirt shop. Finnish customers can shop at my Finnish shop. 15% off in the first two weeks! There’s also a new embedded part in my web page for the shop... [Read more]


Enjoy some of my songs for a minute...or for days. I've composed and published over 36 hours of music since I composed my first album in 2013. You can find me and listen to my music on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook ...and every other place in the internet.



Buy some official gear here (Finnish customers) or here (rest of the world).


Limited edition CD's are now available at Bandcamp!



So, you want to use my music in your awesome project? You can use my music freely for non-commercial and non-profit personal and school projects. For commercial projects you can buy a license from me directly. The license price depend very much on the size of your project. The cheapest licenses per song start from 50 euros (very low-budget and small-scale projects such as performances or small Youtube channel videos). The more expensive licenses also include a possibility to edit or even remake the licensed songs to fit into your project better. I will only provide non-exclusive licenses for existing songs.

You can use my music in Youtube videos for free. However, they will get claimed and monetized by AdRev (this will not affect your channel in any way). You can remove the claims by buying a license.

To purchase a license from the 'Land of the Brave' album, please contact Colossal Trailer Music.

You can get more details by contacting me. Remember to provide:
-Title(s) of the song(s) you want to get a license for
-Production or project name
-Transmission date / Release date
-Production budget and/or music budget


Need a customized soundtrack to make your project even more unique? For music composing and production, I'm charging per minute basis and the price depends on the project budget, the amount of music needed and complexity of the required compositions.

You can get more details by contacting me. The minimum starting fee per project is 2000 euros. Remember to provide:
-Amount of music (amount of songs and approximation in minutes)
-Production or project name and type
-Description about the musical style(s) needed
-Do you need an exclusive or non-exclusive license? Do you need selling rights for the music?
-Production budget and/or music budget



Here's a list of some of my most used software.


If you have a question, please read through this section and save yourself and me some trouble before sending me a message.  

Q: My Youtube video was claimed by "Audiam" or "Interstreet Recordings". Help!

A: Your videos will get claimed if you use my music. If you have a license or a permission to use my music on a monetized or commercial video, send me a message with the link to the video and I'll remove the claim. You can also purchase a license or just keep the claim. The claim doesn't affect your Youtube channel in any way, it's just for monetization purposes.

Q: Can you make me a song for free?

A: No.

Q: Can I use your music for free?

A: See the licensing section

Q: Is there a possibility to buy your music on CD or DVD or vinyl?

A: There are limited edition CD campaigns available for selected albums on Bandcamp.

Q: Je voudrais me permettre d'utiliser la musique...

A: I don't speak foreign. Please don't send me messages in French or Spanish or Swedish. Only in English or Finnish.

Q: Can you make a tutorial about composing?

A: It would require a lot of work and time and I preferably use the time to make more music. So no, not at the moment.

A lot of people have also asked me to teach them "how to make music". It has taken me around 15 years of trying out, experimenting and failing by myself until I've reached this level. I don't have resources or time to be your teacher. No one can teach you to become productive or creative. Don't think that it's an easy road to become a composer. It will take years or tens of years, so forget about the money and fame, pick up an (virtual) instrument and start practising.

Q: Can you give me some hints about composing with virtual instruments?

A: You'll need a lot of money to buy yourself a good set of libraries to work with. The libraries I own cost anywhere from $5 to $1000 a piece. Free instruments are usually shit. You can't substitute bad instruments for composing or mixing skills (and vice versa). I only have experience with FL studio DAW so I don't know about Pro Tools or Ableton or Cubase. But I have understood that FL studio is a very good software for composing and for people like me who don't use midi keyboards nor record any audio. For beginners, a good and cheap all-round library is probably EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold, and for more deep-sampled and quality instruments, Hollywood Orchestra.

Q: Can you give me sheet music of your songs?

A: No, but I have some midi files available here.

Q: Are you educated in music?

A: No, I have learned everything by myself, and so can you!

Q: Do you play any instrument?

A: I used to try and play the guitar when I was younger but nowadays I'm doing everything on the computer.

Q: Are you going to do live concerts?

A: No. It would be incredibly costly to hire a full orchestra and solo instrumentalists to play my music. I'd need name recognition on par with Hans Zimmer to make it profitable. Much of my music isn't actually playable with real folk instruments anyway, only with virtual instruments.


Now, if you didn't get your answer from this section, send me a message below!


You can contact me by filling the following form. If your matter concerns licensing or commissioning, please check out the respective sections on this page for more information. You can also contact me directly to contact[at]anttimartikainen.com