Patreon launch!

I launched my Patreon page today. For those unaware, Patreon is a place where you can support my work and in return you get exclusive rewards and content (or good will).

I took some time to craft exclusive content for this month, and here's the full list of rewards (depending on your support tier):
-Cover: New World Metal Symphony. A heavy metal rendition of Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony, 4th movement.
-Remake: Legendary.
-4 remixes: Corruption, Alien Lifeforms, The Dead of Night, Dystopia.
-4 preview songs from an upcoming album.
-3 scores (midi, sheet music, tablature): Rise to Asgard, Legendary, New World Metal Symphony.
-2 playlists: Forest Fantasy & Across the World. Includes old songs in long-form thematic continuous playlists.
-Discord invitation or VIP Discord invitation.
-Video early access.
-Full catalogue download.
-Credits in upcoming videos and albums.
+Other stuff announced later.

This stuff cannot be streamed, downloaded or experienced anywhere else. You can expect similar amount of exclusive content every month if you're willing to support me for $3/month. There's also a $9 and $25 monthly tiers for those who really want to support me. Please see the Patreon FAQ for more info about the rewards.