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A new double album pre-order – ‘The Heart of Avalon’

I will be releasing a new double album in November. It’s titled ‘The Heart of Avalon’ and it consists of two volumes. The total duration is around 160 minutes and there are 25 tracks. The shortest track is just a bit over three minutes long while the longest track is almost 16 minutes. Thematically it’s loosely following the Arthurian legend and the music is mainly Celtic, medieval, fantasy and epic orchestral. There are dozens of performers on every track, performing string ensembles, Celtic whistles and pipes, oboe, bansuri, medieval lute, vocals and much more.

There will also be a 2-CD limited edition physical digipak release and it’s on pre-order at Bandcamp. The pre-order ends at November 1st and this might be the only change get this item! I won’t sell the CD’s individually after the pre-order has ended. There are also 7 near-finished preview songs available at Bandcamp.

Check out the new song ‘The Rise of Pendragons’ on Youtube: