‘Carmina Gloria’, a new album out now

‘Carmina Gloria’ is out now! Here are the most important streaming and physical album links neatly in one place.

‘Carmina Gloria’ is a symphonic-fantasy-power metal album with Celtic, European medieval and Middle Eastern folk influences. I like to call it crusader metal (there’s viking metal and pirate metal so why not?). There are tons of guitar melodies and solos performed by the great Mikko Salovaara and rhythm guitars are performed tightly by Francesco Mattei. Ian Fontova did a great deal of folk and Celtic instruments on the album. Ruben Monteiro recorded some awesome hurdy gurdy and ethnic plucked solos.

1. Divine Alliance (6:55)
2. Durandal (6:37)
3. Metal Crusade (6:37)
4. Terra Sancta (6:48)
5. Blood of Glory (5:45)
6. Deliverance (7:41)
7. Claymore in the Face (4:39)
8. Shining Fate (5:24)
9. Defenders of the Cross (8:03)
10. The March of the Templars (9:15)
1.1 Victoria Ultima (10:57)

Mikko Salovaara: lead guitars, acoustic guitars
Francesco Mattei: rhythm guitars
Ian Fontova: folk instruments
Ruben Monteiro: oud, saz baglama, hurdy gurdy
Paul Johnson: gaita, gralla, tarota
Natalia Dmukhovskaia: classical violin
Jocelyn Fields: vocals
Angela Schleihauf: oboe, english horn
Kim Fleuchaus: ney flute
Erkan Erginci: duduk
Max Kerner: citole

Composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Antti Martikainen
Additional guitar, bass and drum mixing by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio)
Cover artwork by Kerem Beyit