‘Sonic Savior’, a new album out now

My new album ‘Sonic Savior’ was released on 28th of December 2020. It’s a melodic-symphonic-industrial metal album with 12 tracks and 79 minutes worth of music.

1. Edenfall (6:49)
2. Maverick (6:12)
3. The Cure for Weakness (7:30)
4. Neogenesis (6:35)
5. Sonic Savior (5:53)
6. Etherity (6:32)
7. World of Hurt (4:24)
8. Ascension Gate (7:31)
9. Iconoclast (5:27)
10. Limitless (6:03)
11. Quantum Exodus (6:11)
12. Ashes of Decadence (9:40)

Composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Antti Martikainen
Additional guitar, bass and drum mixing by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio)

Guest performances:
Mikko Salovaara: lead guitars and additional guitar solo composing
Francesco Mattei: rhythm and clean guitars
Marco Gnoatto: keyboards and additional keyboard solo composing

Check it out:
Spotify: tinyurl.com/sonic-savior-spotify
Apple: tinyurl.com/sonic-savior-apple
Amazon: tinyurl.com/sonic-savior-amazon
Youtube: tinyurl.com/sonic-savior-youtube
Bandcamp: tinyurl.com/sonic-savior-bandcamp