‘The Heart of Avalon’ Volumes 1 and 2 out now

‘The Heart of Avalon’, volumes 1 and 2 have been released. The total duration of the two albums is around 160 minutes and there are 25 tracks. Thematically it’s loosely following the Arthurian legend and the music is mainly Celtic, medieval, fantasy and epic orchestral. There are dozens of performers on every track, performing string ensembles, Celtic whistles and pipes, oboe, bansuri, medieval lute, vocals and much more. Check out the opening song of the first volume, Albion


The Heart of Avalon, Vol. 1

1. Albion
2. Dinas Emrys
3. The Serpent Prophecy
4. Victory Or Death
5. The Rise of Pendragons
6. The Herald of Fate
7. A Giant’s Dance
8. The Walls of Tintagel
9. The Once And Future King
10. Lady of the Lake
11. Chosen by the Sword
12. Laus Equitis
13. Brocéliande
14. White Riding Warrior

The Heart of Avalon, Vol. 2

1. The Grail Quest
2. Hills of Badon
3. The Knights of Camelot
4. Trinovantum
5. The Code of Chivalry
6. Joyous Gard
7. Antumnos
8. Excalibur
9. Elegia Regum
10. Camlann Will Bleed
11. The Heart of Avalon

Quest performances:
Ian Fontova: Celtic whistles and pipes, recorders, fiddle, plucked string instruments, small percussion
Rick Curran: violin, viola and cello
Paul Johnson: gaita, gralla and tarota
Carolina Sánchez: oboe and english horn
Annie Rie: hurdy gurdy
Max Hattwich: lute
Mohammad Rjoub: oriental strings
Eli Mine: oud and bansuri
Jocelyn Fields: female vocals
Celica Soldream: female vocals
Hillewi Elgstrand: female vocals
Francesca Genco: female vocals
Jonathan Matthews: male vocals
Ian Fontova, Isaac Solanas and Axel Blázquez: male choir