‘Throne of the North’ out now!


The new 'Throne of the North' is out now! It's a complete remake of my 2015 album with the same name, with new recordings and effects, rearranged and even re-composed parts, remixed instruments and remastered audio. The remake also includes five new bonus tracks. It's taken a good amount of time and effort to make this album, probably more than went making the originals. I hope you enjoy the fresh sound of the classics!

If you've bought the original 2015 album before, this is a FREE download for you. The original tracks are available only on Bandcamp, elsewhere they've been upgraded to new 2022 versions. You can also pre-oder CD's for this release at Bandcamp.

Listen to the album on your favourite platform by clicking here !

Pre-order CD's at Bandcamp !

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